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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Some Cool Clothes

Acorn Toss upcycled jacket with old kimono silk and pewter buttons

Acorn Toss front placket - pewter honey bee buttons by Randy Miller

This is the back of the Acorn Toss jacket.  It was originally my daughter's Hollister sweatshirt.  Now the original front is the back.  Occasionally someone tells me I have it on backwards.

I really like this little flower piece on the collar.

Upcycled Robot t-shirt with kimono silk, brocade and enamel buttons.

Enamel buttons- I've had these buttons forever, it was worth the wait to find a neat place to put them.

Close up of the upper front- closure is a pin made from a covered bottle cap.

This is the back of the robot t-shirt,  it was made from a Delia's t-shirt.


  1. I love taking old cloths and remaking them. Your stuff is so great!!!!

  2. Thanks- these were really fun projects!

  3. I love your recycled tops!! So fun and creative - and very inspiring!! :)