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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Milarepa Festival Day

Watching and meeting the Drepung Monks at the Milarepa Center was a special treat and blessing. The monks are visiting from India and traveling around the country on a World Peace Tour.  They enchanted us with Tibetan Buddhist ritual chanting and dance- it was powerful.

Tashi Shopa (Good Luck Dance)

The Snow Lion Dance

The Snow Lion came right up to Mac's face!

Prayer Wheels

Jetsun Milarepa


Some of the Drepung Gomang Monks

The gentleman on the right is decorating the Stupa (pictures are later in this post).

The Stupa in progress-

We found some blackberries as we walked back to the car, and we left plenty for the bears too!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some Recent Events

I had my Whale drawing framed for the kitchen- I love it against the orange wall and with Mac's "Andy Warhol"

I bought this peach hard cider in Bloomington, Indiana at Bloomingfoods co-op.  I love the packaging!

I found this army guy puppet in the Cheap Art Bus at Bread and Puppet- he has moving parts!

A Tibetan medicine bracelet and carved bone skeleton bracelet from Yangkey's Tibet Shop in Bloomington.

An awesome Less Miserable poster in the $1.00 box on the Cheap Art Bus!

From the Tibet Shop

Kraft's Spread of Democracy block print from B & P; where else?

I never saw one of these before- I was told it's supposed to hang on the rear-view mirror

Some wonderful books from Green Mountain Books in Lyndonville. Sweet!

consumption...not just for republicans...