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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Artifacts of Swiss Society

While finding my way around Geneva I stumbled upon some interesting artifacts.  Here are a few pictures of those treasures.

Giant Chess in Promenade des Bations

No peeing, dogs off leash, graffiti, loud music, or littering! That just about covers it- nothing about taking a photo of the sign, so I am in the the clear.

Protest against the Sri Lanka government at the UN

Sailboats on Lake Geneva

Du bitume au grenier: Histoire d'une rue singuliere a Geneve

This is a wonderful book of images from the members of a housing collective in Geneva.  They celebrated 20 years of successfully running the collective.  I stopped by to see what it was all about and was quite impressed- the collective consists of the housing, a lovely restaurant, a movie theater, and some shops.  I'd love to live there.

Rue Lissignol, the site of the collective

Clémentine, a sculpture of an emaciated, and melancholy girl: On the trees and fences around the sculpture, as in this photo, there are often clippings and messages protesting child abuse, female genital mutilation and domestic violence against women. Weekly, for the past thirty years, Clémentine has been given a flower to hold in her hand. She was missing her flower the day I visited.

Rue de Vermont:  There's no place like home, but this was comforting.

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