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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Upcycled Bottle Caps

Some necklaces made from trash

These are buttons with a shank on the back-  Currently I am designing a jacket with these buttons as the starting point.  Very exciting!

These are pins:

Kissing fish,  I love you.

One more thing;  this was the view from the college yesterday morning.

.....may the compassionate mountain bliss enter the college and transform all pain.


  1. Hi! I just found you blog the other day and I am enjoying it a lot. I like the art you post.


  2. Hi John- thanks so much for stopping by and leaving this note. It makes me very happy to know you have enjoyed my blog :)

    I went to your site and saw pictures from Jung's Red Book- this summer I thought I would read it, yet I have only looked at the picture so far!

    Your blog is so lovely; I plan to spend some time there to see the winding path.


  3. The pins are cute, especially the owl one :-)

  4. Hi Sun-

    Thanks! I think the owl should be yours- if you send me your address I'll pack him up and send him along to you. Leave me shipping details at if you wish