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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Okeechobee, Birds, Clouds and Other Mysteries

The trip up to Okeechobee started out fine.  We saw some common grackle birds at this rest stop.  I also saw a huge turtle, but I was so startled I dropped the camera.

Things started to get a little strange

We came upon these beautiful birds on the Big Cypress Indian Reservation.  I tried to catch them in flight as you will see over the next couple of shots.

So after this shot my attention was drawn to the ground by a sound- I looked down to see an alligator about 4 feet away!  Well I'm not sure who was more shocked because as I was leaping into the car (fortunately I left the door open) it splashed back into the canal.  What a reminder to be alert while enjoying nature- even while bird watching!

Steel blue palms and grey clouds captured through a solarized lens.  I thought I'd lighten things up a bit after the close encounter!

Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Tree Graveyard


Tank??? WTF


I am not sure why, but this is my favorite shot of the day.

This is a wonderful bag Julija made for me.  I love how the skeletons come "alive" in the solarized filter.

More wonderful clouds and then....

Angry Face in the Clouds  -

It looks like it might eat that van.

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