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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birthday Platypus and Carrot Cake

Last summer while Mac and I were traveling across Australia, he became obsessed with spotting a platypus.  They are, as we found out, rare to see in the wild. Yet searched we did. None were spotted so for Mac's birthday I decided to block print him a platypus.

Here is my sketch for the block:

I was inspired by Aboriginal art work similar to Clifford Possum.

I used this image as a starting point:

Mac's Blue Platypus:

I made the block from cardboard and sponge I had around.  I like how it came out. Fabric paint, pencil, colored pen.

Oh! I made a carrot cake too!  Yummie!  Happy Birthday Mac!


  1. I'm so happy that mac finally got his platypus! ....and cake, even though I don't get to eat cake..... Hippo Birdie

  2. sadly it has wheat,,,, :(

    check out