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Monday, August 29, 2011

Julija at College

Mac and I brought Julija her bicycle before Hurricane Irene hit.  Since then many of the roads we drove on are closed, due to the flooding.  Early yesterday Julija sent me a picture of the new athletic complex at Castleton - the first floor and three cars in the parking lot were underwater.  It was a shocking picture because Mac and I had been walking around in there just a few hours before.   Of course I gave Julija all the safety advice I could are some pictures that were on Facebook yesterday.  I am not sure who should be credited with the photography.

Julija told me they pumped out most of the water- where they put it is anyone's guess.  Here are a couple of pictures before Irene's devastation.

She is happy as can be at college, although it has been an interesting start to the semester with the first day of classes cancelled.   Tomorrow is Julija's 18th birthday, that is surreal, wasn't it just yesterday I was bundling her up to take her home from the hospital?  Happy Birthday Julija!

Below are some pictures of the sky on the way home from Castleton.

Vermont has a lot of hard work ahead repairing and healing from Irene- we will do it together.

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