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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Julija Goes to College

Taking Julija to college this past weekend was bittersweet.  There were some tears....but I stopped crying in a reasonable amount of time.  She is prepared and ready for this transition, hopefully I am as well.

I wonder if Penguin knows he's staying home
She took her "blankee" and gave me strict instructions to hide it while we were moving her things into the room.
Jacob helps her fill out her XC forms.

Note the books on the bed stand; she has always been a reader.

So lovely and kind, and on rare occasions, a bit grumpy.

As we were driving to school- Julija says "Mom, how can they let me go off to school, don't they know I'm just a baby?"

I am mindfully resisting the urge to text her every few minutes to see how things are going, so I am hyper-vigilantly living in the moment!  After all, this moment is all there ever is.  

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  1. it's ok penguin, she'll be back. Hmmmmm that dorm room looks very familiar @" @" @"