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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

The house gift from Santa this year........fake mustaches.  "Any of you rascals touch my presents and I'll shoot ya full of lead!"

Julija and Allie at Pops.  Patiently waiting to sit on the "chair," under the hot lights and on display, while opening their presents.  Don't ask...., but if it requires a water bottle you might guess it's grueling!

Mac gets an Occupy hat- very cool, one side has the mirror image of Occupy, so it sort of looks like it's written in Russian!

Julija gets ready to attack the presents

What is that "blue box"?

hummmm....for me?

I drew the Division 10 section of the Long Trail for Mac-

Julija got a Stitch and Bitch book along with yarn and needles.  Can you say handmade knit stuff?....yippie!

Happiness = Good company, cookies, handmade gifts, and smart wool socks!

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