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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Laughter is so Good For You

I was asked to come up with some stress management tips for the Lyndon Facebook page.  Tip 2 is to maintain a good sense of humor and to cultivate laughter. One of my colleagues, Dr. Rhonda Korol, told me about an exercise she facilitated in one of her courses.  It's called Fax Machine and consists of writing a word, sentence or question on a small sheet of paper and passing it to another person who then draws a picture depicting what is written, then the next person looks at the picture and writes what they see, and on and on.  You can get the full instructions here.  It was just what my Human Interaction students needed for their last class.  Believe me, we laughed pretty hard!  Here is my fax:

The card with the bald woman at the pearly gates, with her hair in heaven waiting for her, is particularly spectacular!

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