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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Road-Trip to the Flat Dry Lands III

Erie, PA....pretty cool place, who knew?  It looks a lot like Buffalo- weird thing is that it's called Erie county, just like Buffalo, and has many of the same street names.  Although Serafini's is not exactly Salvatore's Italian Gardens like in Buffalo- it is an Italian restaurant with homemade pasta's and sauces, of course.  There is, however a chocolate restaurant that rivals Salvatore's; and that is; Romolo Chocolates.  We didn't get to eat there, but from the outside the place looks over the top!

Erie has a beautiful waterfront with a ton of access to the water- unlike Buffalo.  All I can say is - Buffalo- use Erie as a model and get going on developing the waterfront for the public!  In Erie there were a handful of sandy beaches, pathways to run, ride, or walk, places for music, and sailing-  I was super impressed.

We stumbled upon this cool wooden foot bridge that brought us to a perfect perch over a grassy marsh.

 surprised me!

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