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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Road-Trip to the Flat Dry Lands II

Every road trip must include at least one breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

Public Health Notice:  If Mac ever challenges you to a game of checkers- don't take the bait, "It's a Trap"
He possesses Ninja checker skills.....I mean it, just say no!

 Nashville.....Indiana, that is.

The Season's Lodge- where the Rural Social Work conference was held.  They have a salt water pool- awesome! And a herd of cows across the street- super awesome.  Not much vegetarian food in Indiana- if we moved there we'd have to take up eating pork or we'd probably starve to death!

Pictures in the lobby:

 I really like this one:

Creepy lobby clown:

This is where the little train that goes into town picks folks up; it makes a stop at the ice cream parlor- I had the yummiest homemade peach ice cream there.  I'd go back just to have more of that!

 The cows:

Next year the conference is in Lancaster, PA.

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