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Friday, July 8, 2011

Bread & Puppet Theater

We visited Bread & Puppet to see the Lubberland National Dance Company present 12 REASONABLE AND UNREASONABLE CRYING DANCES FOR 2011.  It was wonderful:

The garden gate

Scarecrow with the printing studio in the background

I love this outdoor kitchen

Museum store

I bought the Earth could I not?

Some of the puppets waiting for the show to begin

My companions

Let the show begin!

Peter Schumann started B & P in 1970 - it is amazing it is still going.  

These last shots are from a skit about wind farms-  very political, very funny, very true.

If you've never been to Bread & Puppet, or are thinking about going- get yourself there.  It is worth the ride and the donation and they could use your support.  I plan on going to one of the Sunday Circus performances later this summer.  

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